Company Profile | November 7, 2000

Optical Electronics, Inc. (OEI)

Source: Optical Electronics, Inc. (OEI)
Optical Electronics, Inc. (OEI) OEI, a Tucson-based electronics company established in 1964, manufactures video enhancement products for the security industry, night vision hand held products using an IR camera, and image enhancement systems.

OEI has chosen to address the imaging market that requires real-time speed and to minimize or eliminate software for many video applications. The systems not only enhance live video, but taped video as well.

OEI has developed a series of modules that use both analog and digital signal processing techniques. These techniques can be carried out seperately or together with digital image processing to achieve improved overall cost effectiveness. The modules provide many of the functions that do not change data.

The products available only through OEI, are combined analog and digital technology that creates a near human eye view. The systems produce higher quality images for much lower cost than digital systems that are software based.