Optical Design and Engineering

Source: II-VI Optical Systems

Producing precision optical systems demands a comprehensive opto-mechanical design. II-VI Optical Systems’ team of experienced engineers work collaboratively with your team to design intricate, highly producible systems. We specialize in designing complex systems that are precisely matched with our manufacturing and assembly capabilities to deliver high yields and predictable, optimized results.

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A host of physical and environmental effects must be weighed and analyzed before a design can begin production. Therefore, we specialize in recognizing the available product requirements and quickly determining the most highly producible optical system available.

Over the years, our expert design and engineering teams have created extensive optical solutions. As a premier optical solutions provider, we work integrally with each customer's team to meet or exceed all product requirements in a timely, cost-effective manner.

II-VI Optical Systems' design and engineering expertise includes:

  • Custom lens design
  • Illumination optics
  • Telescope design
  • Laser-based systems
  • IR and visible imaging systems
  • Optical communication systems
  • Photonic applications
  • Custom metrology solutions
  • Spectral detection systems

Defense and Security

II-VI Optical Systems has an extensive heritage in developing and delivering products for the Defense and Homeland Security markets. The company's impressive array of advanced optical systems is currently deployed across a host of mission-critical applications within our defense network. Our applications include infrared search and track, missile warning systems, missile launch detection systems, advanced infra-red targeting systems, and visible imaging systems.

To ensure that we quickly solve specific design or fabrication challenges, we assign a specialized, responsive, Integrated Product Team to every customer's project. Furthermore, our volume production operation delivers both components and assemblies for a wide range of visible and infrared applications.


II-VI Optical Systems' extensive heritage in developing and delivering space products has enabled us to design and deliver optical components and assemblies for a wide variety of NASA platforms and missions, including: the Mars descent camera, Mars Rover optics, Mars High Resolution Optics, the Deep Impact Program, the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX), the COMS weather and communications satellite, and space-based laser communications systems.

At II-VI Optical Systems, we can identify and establish your critical optical system requirements, then deploy our rigorous analytical, assembly, and measurement capabilities to ensure the highest quality, best-fit solution possible.

Medical Technology

At II-VI Optical Systems, we have continued to increase our presence in the medical technology area since our founding, applying precision space and defense technology to medical devices where that precision can lead to better diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes.

II-VI Optical Systems’ offerings fit anywhere in the medical technology arena where complex optical systems are needed. This includes monitoring sensors; clinical, laboratory, and point-of-care diagnostics; lasers, ophthalmoscopes, and ophthalmic surgical microscopes; from gastrointestinal endoscopes and arthroscopic devices to flow cytometry and surgical robots.

Medical and bioscience companies can count on II-VI Optical Systems for unsurpassed precision and accuracy in developing integrated optical systems for these and other applications.


At II-VI Optical Systems, we have also diversified into the commercial sector since our founding, applying precision technology that has served the defense and space industries to help companies create products to better serve their customers.

Our applications include semiconductor wafer inspection, high power mask imaging and projection, long-haul laser optical communication devices, and flat panel optical systems.

Our new production division also employs a dedicated cellular production line that focuses on generating the most efficient throughput possible.

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