Optical Bench Integrated Housing: ULSi

Source: Avantes BV

The ULSi is a new type of integrated housing used to house Avantes’ AvaSpec Avabench-75 ULS (ultra-low stray light) optical bench in a 90 x 120 x 35 mm package. It provides superior thermal and mechanical stability, as well as greater mounting flexibility.

While this housing improves the optical bench’s thermal and mechanical stability, it doesn’t impede on features that have always been associated with the Avabench-75-ULS such as on-board processing and data storage, digital and analog I/O ports, stand-alone operating capability, on board multi-channel capability, and more. Additionally, the housing allows for the convergence of a high performance smart electronics board, resulting in a compact monolithic instrument.

The ULSi integrated housing is available with these three front-illuminated CCD detectors:

  • Sony 2048 CC (14 x 56 µm pixels)
  • Sony 2048L CCD (14 x 200 µm pixels)
  • Toshiba 3648 (8 x 200 µm pixels) – high resolution

This optical bench is well suited for applications involving lighting, semiconductors, safety, security, mining, metallurgy, agriculture, chemical/petrochemical, bio-medical/medical, environmental, food, and more. For information on the Avaspec-ULS optical bench and its new integrated housing options, download the datasheet.