Optical Backscatter Reflectometer™: OBR 4600

Source: Luna Technologies, a Division of Luna Innovations Incorporated
Luna Technologies' Optical Backscatter Reflectometer™: OBR 4600 is the latest model in their award winning product line. Designed for component and short-run network testing and troubleshooting, the OBR 4600 enables ultra-high resolution reflectometry with backscatter-level sensitivity. With spatial resolution as fine as 10 microns, zero dead-zone, options for integrated temperature and strain sensing and extended device length mode, the OBR 4600 offers the ultimate in fiber diagnostics.

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Datasheet: Optical Backscatter Reflectometer™: OBR 4600

Optical fiber networks and fiber-coupled assemblies are widely used in applications ranging from telecommunications and commercial and military avionics to medical catheters with integrated fiber optic tools. The OBR 4600 instrument offers the ability to look inside these networks and assemblies with a combination of spatial resolution, sensitivity, and distance range that is not currently possible with other instruments available today such as Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR).

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With the OBR device, it is possible to troubleshoot, inspect, and locate faults point by point in an assembly and characterize the Return Loss and Insertion Loss of each interface individually. With the sensitivity and resolution of the OBR instrument, one can easily measure and distinguish between a loss at a coupler, a splice, a bend, or a connector.

Highlights of the OBR 4600 instrument include:

  • Measure 30 m with 10 microns resolution in less than 7 seconds
  • Continuously measure a 1 m segment at up to 3 Hz
  • Easily locate, identify and troubleshoot macro-bends, couplers, splices, connectors and breaks
  • Locate Insertion Loss points at every point in the network or assembly - eliminate cut-back
  • Look inside components to evaluate each interface for RL and IL
  • Test and troubleshoot short-run networks (<2 km)
  • Automate pass/fail verification of fiber assemblies
  • Monitor distributed temperature and strain profiles along a network or fiber, or inside a component or module

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Datasheet: Optical Backscatter Reflectometer™: OBR 4600

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