News | April 3, 2012

Ophir Spiricon Introduces BeamMic, Entry-Level Laser Beam Analysis System Integrates Camera, 2D And 3D Beam Profiles, ISO Measurements, Pass/Fail Testing


Spiricon, global leader in precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport Corporation brand, recently announced BeamMic, a new laser beam analyzer that combines the essentials for beam analysis in a low-cost, entry-level system. BeamMic includes easy-to-use software that measures a beam's size, shape, uniformity, and mode content. Beam intensity profiles are displayed simultaneously in 2D and 3D. Statistical analyses can be performed on measurement functions and min/max limits can be set for pass/fail testing. Results are logged and can be exported to industry standard formats. A configurable report generator allows cutting and pasting of results, images, and settings. BeamMic software is integrated with one of four Spiricon USB CCD cameras designed specifically for beam measurements.

"Understanding beam quality is essential for consistent and repeatable results.," stated Gary Wagner, President of Ophir-Spiricon. "BeamMic provides a low-cost option for those needing only the essentials to monitor their laser's performance. With BeamMic, setup, measurement, and analysis are quick and easy. Users are up and running right away."

BeamMic is an entry-level beam analysis system that provides beam intensity profile displays in 2D and 3D. Displays are continuously zoomable and resizable, shown in satellite windows on one or multiple monitors. The system performs ISO measurements and test methods on lasers, including beam width, beam diameter, power/energy distribution, and spatial orientation. Statistical analysis can be performed on all measurements, such as mean, standard deviation, min/max.

Choice of Beam Profiling Cameras
includes a choice of one of the following Spiricon CCD cameras. All have a convenient USB interface.

  • SP503U: 190-1100nm, wide dynamic range, CW & pulsed lasers, adjustable Region of Interest (ROI)
  • SP620U: 190-1100nm, high resolution, wide dynamic range, CW YAG, adjustable ROI
  • SP503U-1550: 1440-1605nm, NIR wavelengths, low resolution
  • SP620U-1550: 1440-1605nm, NIR wavelengths, low resolution, adjustable ROI and binning

Setup is fast and easy using the Auto-Setup function. The software automatically sets the gain and exposure time of the camera array to maximize the beam signal while keeping it below saturation.

Multiple Languages, 64-Bit Support
supports both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, enhancing system configuration options and increasing processing speed. The software also provides native language support for English, Japanese, and Chinese, and is compatible with the German Windows Vista and Windows 7 environments.

BeamMic is based on UltraCal, Ophir-Spiricon's patented baseline correction algorithm that helped establish the ISO 11146-3 standard for beam measurement accuracy. BeamMic provides high accuracy results, guaranteeing the data baseline (zero-point reference) is accurate to 1/8th of a digital count on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

Availability & Pricing
is available now. It is sold as an integrated system with beam analysis software and choice of one of Spiricon CCD cameras: SP503U, SP620U, SP502U-1550, or SP620U-1550. System prices start at $2500.

BeamMic Data Sheet:

About Ophir Photonics
With over 30 years of experience, Ophir Photonics, a Newport Corporation brand, provides a complete line of instrumentation including power and energy meters, beam profilers, spectrum analyzers, and goniometric radiometers. Dedicated to continuous innovation in laser measurement, the company holds a number of patents, including Ophir-Spiricon's Ultracal, the baseline correction algorithm that helped establish the ISO 11146-3 standard for beam measurement accuracy. The Photon family of products includes NanoScan scanning-slit technology, which is capable of measuring beam size and position to sub-micron resolution. The company's modular, customizable solutions serve manufacturing, medical, military, and research industries throughout the world. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Ophir-Spiricon, LLC