News | February 23, 2012

OmniPulse Technology Introduces 3kV Pockels Cell Driver

PCD-3-20 February 10, 2012, San Diego, CA:

OmniPulse Technology is pleased to announce the PCD-3-20 pulsed Pockels cell driver. The PCD-3-20 Pockels cell driver is a miniature all solid-state driver that is only 0.7" x 1.3" x 2.0" and weighs less than 20 grams. The driver utilizes a unique FET drive circuitry which delivers a 2-3.2 kV pulse to a 30 pF load in less than 20 ns. This unit is ideal for use in ultra-compact Q-switched lasers or compact optical systems where size and weight are key considerations. The input voltage is +12 volts. Other input and output voltage ranges are possible. Please contact OmniPulse Technology for further information. Here is a link to this product's page on our website.

About OmniPulse Technology Corporation:
OmniPulse, a high technology innovator located in San Diego, CA, specializes in ultra-compact, precision current sources for driving pulsed laser diodes in a variety of applications including rangefinding, target designation, LIDAR, seeding fiber lasers, and pumping solid state lasers. Our team combines expertise in a variety of technical backgrounds from semiconductor and solid-state lasers, power electronics, and electro-optics to high current switches and power semiconductor design and fabrication to create diode drivers that are precise, easily integrated, user friendly and that exceed expectations and industry standards of performance.

SOURCE: OmniPulse Technology