News | March 8, 2012

Olympus DP73 14-Bit Microscope Camera Offers 17.28-Megapixel Image Capture, Higher Sensitivity, Exceptional Color, Ease Of Use


The Olympus DP73 digital color microscope camera makes it easy for users in industrial research, development, engineering, quality control and manufacturing settings to achieve exceptional imaging results. The latest in the popular line of Olympus DP cameras, it delivers the highest combination of bit depth (14-bit) and pixel resolution (17.28mb), for ultra-high resolution and exceptional color reproduction, even in very light or dark image areas. Enhanced pixel-shifting optical technology ensures that the camera delivers ultra-high-quality images ideal for quantitative analysis.

The exclusive Olympus Fine Detail function identifies edges and intuitively applies the appropriate filter to reduce pseudo-colors and moiré artifacts for sharp, clear, corner-to-corner imaging while the advanced 3-CCD mode and 8-color adjustment algorithm ensure that every pixel of each image delivers fine detail and color separation.

For users whose work involves samples with important detail in the darkest or lightest tonal ranges, the DP73 also offers an optional WiDER feature, which provides an extended, extra-wide dynamic range capability so that dark, light and mid-tone regions all are imaged crisply without sacrificing detail in other tonal regions. This Olympus-exclusive utility adjusts gain and pixel graduation (including adjacent pixels) in real time, raising the level of dark areas while maintaining the level of bright areas, carefully reducing the negative effects of sample halation often encountered with material surfaces. The result is crisp, bright real-time images with a perfect balance of dynamic range and exposure.

Through its support of the Adobe RGB color space, the camera improves color reproduction and display performance on RGB monitors. The DP73 is optimized to work with the Windows 7 64-bit operating system. Users can collect and display live, compression-free, full-frame high-definition images at 15 frames per second, making the DP73 a good choice for group discussions and sample inspection.

The new camera is designed to be used in conjunction with Olympus' proprietary Stream imaging software, which makes it easier than ever to display, adjust, acquire, measure, and store images.

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SOURCE: Olympus America Inc.