OEM Spectrometers: AS-161 Microprocessor Board

Source: Avantes BV

The OEM Spectrometers: AS-161 Microprocessor Board is a modularly designed electronics board with a 16-bit microprocessor, 2 channel 14-bit AD converter and USB/RS232-interface. The AS-161 electronics board is a part of the AvaSpec spectrometer and can control two Avabench spectrometer channels.

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Different detector types can be connected to the electronics board interface connectors, such as TAOS Photo Diode Arrays TSL1401, Hamamatsu C-MOS detectors (for example S8378-256Q, S8378-1024Q) and Sony CCD detectors (ILX511, ILX554B).

The board is equipped with an additional sub D15 digital IO connector with 14 programmable IO ports (2 DI, 12 DO). One digital output port is used for controlling the flash rate of an external Xenon strobe (single or multiple flashes per scan), one digital output port is used to control external TTL-shutter devices, and one digital output is reserved for external control for flashing a laser source in LIBS applications. One digital in is used for external hardware trigger.

The on-board firmware controls simultaneous data-sampling of the 2 channels. The sampled data is processed through a F(irst) I(n) F(irst) O(ut) interface with possibility of speeding up data transmission time by data reduction, defining a start and stop pixel per channel. The gain and offset parameters can be adapted per channel as well. The Firmware controls the USB and/or RS-232 interface.

The board can be operated by the extensive AS-161-DLL with many functions to control the electronics board and data sampling parameters (see software section).

Multichannel (3 up to 8 channels) capability can be achieved connecting the master board (AS161M) with backplane connector to 1-3 slave boards (AS161S) with each 2 AD converter channels.

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