NunavutTM CCD Detector

Source: BaySpec Inc.
 	NunavutTM CCD Detector

The NunavutTM charge-coupled device (CCD) detector cameras are designed for high-performance, long-term reliability, and optimized power consumption within a compact package. The deep-cooled CCD cameras utilize low-cost field proven components, and feature hermetic/vacuum-sealing to ensure reliable operation over time, and detector arrays for greatly improved low-light spectral measurements and reduced dark noise.

With a deep-cooling ability to -55°C, and covering wavelength ranges from 200-1100nm, the NunavutTM series employs the latest opto-electronic components to bring maximized sensitivity at a competitive price. CCD detectors can be matched with BaySpec NIR-SWIR or Raman spectrographs to create a compact, high-performance, cost-effective instrument. These cameras are ideal for many applications including Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, VIS-NIR spectroscopy, low light detection, pharmaceuticals, and medical diagnostics.

Download the datasheet for more information on the NunavutTM CCD series and its specifications.