News | January 17, 2023

Novel Precision Motion, Nanopositioning, And Performance Automation Technologies To Showcase At SPIE Photonics West 2023

PI Photonics West

January 2023, San Francisco, CA – This year at Photonics West, PI will introduce several new technologies along with the latest state-of-the-art precision motion and automation systems. PI engineers are on-hand to answer questions and propose solutions for precision motion projects in industry, OEM, and research applications.

Magnetic Levitation Technology for Frictionless Precision Guiding in 6 Degrees of Freedom

A new technology demonstrator will be on hand, explaining the advantages of Magnetic Levitation for ultra-high precision nanopositioning and automation applications. Magnetic Levitation allows full control of motion in all 6 degrees of freedom. PI’s maglev linear stage provides active guidance in 5 degrees of freedom without any contact or friction.

6-DOF Direct Drive, High-Speed Photonics Alignment Systems

Based on air bearing technology, non-contact direct drive motors, and advanced control algorithms, a new low-profile 6-axis alignment system provides higher flexibility and throughput. Due to the virtually unlimited life of air bearings, this system is predestined for 24/7 alignment automation of photonic components.

High Force UHV-Compatible Nanopositioning Stages Based on V8 PiezoWalk Motor Technology

A new, ultra-high precision nanopositioning stage, based on V8 PiezoWalk motor technology, is introduced. One of the advantages of this principle is the extremely high holding force of 110N when powered off, providing extreme in-position stability devoid of jitter.

High-Speed Steering Mirrors for Free Space Optical Communication – Based on Piezo and Voice-Coil Technologies

PI provides high-performance laser steering mirror platforms for photonics and free-space optical applications. Both technologies will be demonstrated in laser-fiber coupling and point-to-point beam steering systems. High-speed multi-axis tip-tilt mirror systems are also essential in laser processing and image stabilization.

Microscopy Imaging and Bio-Nanotechnology Solution Packages

Long-travel fast-focus nanopositioning stages based on piezo and voice-coil technologies for high-resolution microscopy applications are demonstrated, along with new compact OEM control modules. The latest rapid nano-focus stages provide industry-leading resolution, speed, and travel ranges. A line of self-locking, high-stability XY microscope stages, with a low profile, is also shown.