Non-Contact Displacement Sensor: PD Series

Canon - PD710

A non-contact displacement sensor is a measuring device that can measure the amount of movement, distance, and speed
of the moving object in the in-plane direction with high accuracy.

Since the measurement results can always be output as A / B phase pulses, by integrating this product into the customer's production system, the efficient and uniform transfer of materials and parts and the stable feeding of these parts are introduced to the application.

It greatly contributes to the prevention of defective products and the improvement of product quality. Since this product can measure objects in a non-contact manner using an LED, it solves all the problems such as scratches generated by contact-type measuring instruments and measurement errors due to friction and slippage.

The PD series contactless measuring system utilizes a profile matching method that works by capturing consecutive images of an object and using these images (profiles) to search for correlations (matches). Based on the differences in position, the system calculates the distance and speed at which the objects have moved. Although the system is contactless, it is capable of tracking moving subjects accelerating as fast as 100G, enabling the detection of distance moved and speed of subjects when manufacturing lines are abruptly halted or drastically sped up.

What’s more, thanks to an optical system that accommodates vertical vibration of ±15mm, high-precision calculations are ensured even when shaking occurs due to changes in speed.

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