Live From Photonics West 2012: Non-Circular Core Silica Optical Fibers Feature Flat Output, Low FRD

Source: CeramOptec Industries Inc.

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In this video, Kevin Bakhshpour provides an introduction to CeramOptec Industries' line of fiber optic solutions, including its non-circular core silica optical fibers, which are available in square, rectangular, octagon, hexagon, and V-shaped configurations. With their flat output and low FRD (focal ratio degradation), these fibers are ideal for materials processing and astronomy applications.

Video Transcript

Kevin Bakhshpour: Hello this is Kevin Bakhshpour. I am with CeramOptec Industries. We are a manufacturer of step index multimode fibers. We make our own preform, our own raw glass material. We draw our own fiber, and we make custom assemblies.

Our product offering ranges from deep UV 190 nm all the way up to 60 um. We use different materials — silica/silica or mid-IR silver halide fibers. Using our fibers we also make custom assemblies for many different applications: spectroscopy, life sciences, laser delivery systems, sensors, medical, etc. Our numerical aperture offerings range from .06 to .66 NA. Individual size run anywhere from 35 um to 2000 um. In addition to fibers, we also make use of capillary tubing, which is a hollow fiber, offering anywhere from a few um to about 1 mm.

The newest product that we have for our raw material fiber is our non-circular core material, which is made out of silica. We offer it in square, rectangular, octagon, hexagon, and V-shaped. The benefit of these new products is that they give you very flat output and integration is very good and it offers you very low FRD (focal ratio degradation). It is very good for applications such as astronomy.

As far as our bundle assemblies, we manufacture bundles for high vacuum applications, as well as high temperatures. We have a fused-end bundle, which is used for deep UV types of applications, as well as for UV curing or any other area where you require high temperatures. This bundle, where we fuse the glass inside the bundle, will take temperatures of up to about 600 degrees C.

In addition to these unique products, we offer a line of jumper cables, epoxy bundles in any shape or form that the customers desire. Lead times run anywhere from 48 hours to a maximum or three to four weeks.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Thank you.