Application Note

Noise In Spectrometers: Part 1

Source: Ocean Optics, Inc.
Noise In Spectrometers: Part 1

By Dieter Bingemann, Ocean Optics

Noise is an undesirable signal that is completely lacking in information or structure, and potentially taking away from the desired signal’s quality and accuracy. Spectrometer noise, in particular, is caused by mechanical vibrations or environmental electrical fields, for example, from AC power lines. So what does this noise have to do with everyday applications? Perhaps more than you think. This application note is the first part in a series discussing the noise within spectroscopy systems used for ordinary applications, such as making sure the pool is clean after a large family gathering. Download the full article for an overview on different types of spectroscopy noise, and how Ocean Optics’ spectrometers and software are designed to reduce as much noise as possible from each application.

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