NirSpectorTM Transportable VIS-NIR Analyzer

Source: BaySpec Inc.
NirSpector Transportable VIS-NIR Analyzer

The NirSpectorTM is a transportable benchtop VIS-NIR spectrometer comprised of an active-trigger probe, light source and a computer. This battery-powered turn-key system covers wavelength ranges from 400-1700 nm, and offers real-time spectral data acquisition with fast millisecond response time for chemical analysis in the field.

The NirSpectorTM system utilizes efficient Volume Phase Gratings (VPG®) as the spectral dispersion element in order to provide parallel processing and continuous spectrum measurements. With a switchable active trigger probe and a transmittance sampling accessory, this spectrometer provides a flexible spectral collection for vastly different sample conditions. This system is used in a wide variety of applications including pharmaceutical, agriculture, beverage & brewery, food safety, mining, and homeland security. This device can also dramatically increase analytical horsepower in numerous fields such as material quality detection, monitoring, and in process automation technology (PAT).

For more key features, specifications, and application examples, download the datasheet.