NIR Spectroscopy CCD Camera: iDus 416 Series

Source: Andor Technology PLC
NIR Spectroscopy CCD Camera: iDus 416 Series

Andor’s iDus 416 is a NIR spectroscopy CCD camera with peak QE up to 95%, a 30mm wide sensor, a 2000 x 256 15 µm pixel array, and low dark current. It’s ideal for applications involving plasmonics, fluorescence, luminescence, photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy, absorption, transmittance, and reflection.

This NIR CCD camera comes in a compact and rugged platform, making it ideal for OEM integration and lab set ups. A USB 2.0 connection allows for easy laptop operation. Specifications include:

  • Active pixels: 2000 x 256
  • Pixel size: 15 x 15 µm
  • Image area: 30 x 3.8 mm
  • Register well depth (typical) 300,000e-
  • Maximum cooling: -95oC
  • Maximum spectra per second: 30
  • Read noise: As low as 4e-
  • Dark current: as low as 0,0006 e- /pixel/sec

For additional information on the iDus 416 NIR CCD Camera, download the datasheet.