News | October 17, 2018

NiPro Optics Provides Advanced Diamond-Turned Optics for Industrial Applications

NiPro Optics Provides Advanced Diamond-Turned Optics for Industrial Applications

IRVINE, Calif. -  NiPro Optics, Inc. announces the expansion and upgrade of its Optical Diamond-Turning Center.  Located in Southern California, (, the company offers a full spectrum of precision manufacturing options, including advanced diamond-turned optics for a variety of industries. NiPro provides complex geometries to nanometer tolerances in a wide range of materials and substrates, depending on customer requirements.

Specialists in single point diamond turning (SPDT) utilizing the newest 2-, 3-, 4-, and  5-axis technology, the company’s highly-trained diamond-turning technicians deliver precision optical components in a wide range of configurations. These include free form, polygonal, aspheric, biconic, toric, off-axis, Fresnel, and rotationally or non-rotationally symmetric designs.

The Optical Diamond-Turning Center can also provide electrolytic, high-phosphorous nickel plating and fabrication for select projects with a hardness rating of 48 to 52 on the Rockwell C scale. Custom-designed and fabricated hard tooling is produced for all nickel phosphorous (NiP) projects to complement the in-house diamond turning process.

NiPro’s diamond-turning services include manufacturing of digital reflectors, precision mirrors, metal reflectors, off-axis parabolas, lens arrays, polygon mirrors, optical mold inserts, mandrels, and more. The company also offers electroformed nickel reflectors from 0.15 in. to 20 in. diam. in complex geometries such as elliptical, spherical, or parabolic.  Other unique, electroformed components from NiPro Optics are ophthalmic lens molds, micro-lens arrays, diffractives, and Fresnels.

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ABOUT THE COMPANY:  NiPro Optics, Inc. ( is a well-respected global manufacturer of innovative diamond-turned optics, precision electroforming, and highly-reliable thin-film optical coatings.  A leader in the adoption of breakthrough technology, NiPro offers precision manufacturing options for industrial, medical, machine vision, military/defense, industrial laser, solar, and R&D applications.  Our domestic facility in Irvine, California, with our state-of-the-art metrology equipment, highly skilled technicians, and quality assurance processes ensure that we offer the highest quality diamond-turned and electroformed optics available today. Our motto is “Do it right the first time,” with the goal of saving our customers both time and money.

SOURCE: NiPro Optics