New Staff Supports FBGS Growth Into Europe And North America

FBGS, manufacturer of innovative Fibre Bragg Gratings using a draw tower process are pleased to announce the appointment of two new staff to support the company's growth into Europe and North America. Nick Plescia and David Johnson have joined the company to help coordinate and support commercial activities in these regions. Nick is a fibre optic specialist and is already known to many within the industry. He is the North American sales contact for FBGS, based from his home in Montreal Canada.

David comes from the test & measurement industry and has worked in marketing and sales roles with traditional sensor technologies in South Africa and the UK where he has been responsible for establishing routes to market and the introduction of new sensor technologies.

CEO Hugo Mertens stated "this is a particularly exciting time for our company as the unique strengths of our Draw Tower Gratings are helping our customers develop solutions for many challenging sensing applications. The appointment of new staff in these territories represents a critical milestone for the company and the technology, as we continue to respond proactively to customer enquiries the World over."

About FBGS
FBGS is a Belgium and Germany based developer and manufacturer of high strength FBG sensors using draw tower technology, where the grating array is written during the drawing process of the fibre. This automated process results in very high quality low cost Fibre Bragg Gratings with unique characteristics. These are suitable for both standard and bespoke sensing solutions including applications within aerospace, oil & gas, renewable energy, process, composite & medical industries.