News | July 31, 2015

New High Precision Linear Motor Stage With Absolute Encoder And Ironless Motor

Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP
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High Precision Linear Motor Stage With Absolute Encoder And Ironless Motor

Motion and precision positioning systems expert PI (Physik Instrumente) has released a new member of the PIMag® family of precision positioning stages with magnetic direct drives. The compact ultra-precise V-551 motorized linear translation stage debuted at Laser World of Photonics, held in Munich, Germany last month.

V-551 comes equipped with an integrated absolute-measuring, 2nm resolution encoder – no more wasted time for referencing required. High velocity to 500mm/sec and quick acceleration is provided by a newly developed ironless magnetic linear motor, resulting in high accuracy and smooth motion. Precision crossed roller bearings with anti-creep cage assist guarantee excellent guiding accuracy (1 µm straightness / flatness per 100 mm).

Why Ironless Linear Motors?
Ironless non-cogging linear motors provide very smooth motion, and a high dynamic velocity range along with rapid acceleration. They are ideal for applications where high or extremely constant velocity is required, such as in optics inspection, metrology, photonics, interferometry, and semiconductor test equipment. The frictionless, zero-wear motor drives are also popular in fast automation applications, where reliability and maximum uptime are crucial. The V-551 is available with several travel ranges up to 230 mm.

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Affordable Solution with Compact Controller, Custom Versions for OEMs
Together with PI’s compact C-891 controller, the V-551 stage forms a flexible and affordable positioning system. A lower cost stage variant that swaps the absolute encoder with a high-resolution incremental encoder is also available, as well as custom designs for OEMs with higher resolution, peak force, and different travel ranges.

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Applications of V-551
Applications include industry and research, such as optics inspection, metrology, photonics, medical engineering and precision scanning in semiconductor or flat panel display manufacturing.