New Flagship Newport Digital Motion Controller: XPS-D

Source: Newport Corporation
New Flagship Newport Digital Motion Controller: XPS-D

The Newport XPS-D is a new 8-axis Universal Motion Controller and Driver equipped with the XPS-DRV11 universal digital driver card for controlling a variety of motor types, including stepper, DC, DC brushless and direct drive motors. 

The XPS-D digital motion controller has increased power to 750 W with a 50 percent larger power supply for driving more powerful motors at higher speeds. A total of 40 digital inputs and 40 digital outputs to read external switches, control relays, or other digital devices are included, as well as 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs to precisely monitor or control any motion axis. The XPS-D controller is compatible with all Newport electromechanical stages and provides backward-compatibility to the Newport XPS-Q driver cards and API’s.

For additional information on the XPS-D digital motion controller and driver, click here to visit the XPS-D webpage.