News | February 1, 2023

New Family of High Performance Direct-Drive Rotary Stages


PI is introducing a new series of direct-drive, ball-bearing rotary stages to supplement their A-62x series of air-bearing spindles. The V-62x stage family is designed for 24/7 applications that require high precision motion with eccentricity and flatness deviations below 1µm and high stiffness. The new rotary stage family can be mounted and operated in any orientation, a critical feature for many industrial automation applications.

Designed for a New Level of Precision and Performance
Based on PI’s extensive knowledge in the design and manufacture of ultra-high-precision rotary tables with air bearings, the new V-62x mechanical bearing rotary stages were designed to provide exceptional performance regarding travel accuracy, flatness, and wobble. The ultra-precise deep groove ball bearings are preloaded and lubricated prior to delivery, meaning they are maintenance-free for the whole lifetime of the rotation stage.

Direct-Drive Torque Motor - Friction and Maintenance Free
Three-phase torque motors are at the heart of the direct-drive rotary stages, transmitting torque directly and friction-free to the motion platform. The advantages of a direct-drive design over a worm gear drive are higher velocity and acceleration, faster response, as well as a total lack of backlash and no friction in the drive train.

Choice of Encoders: Absolute and Incremental
Absolute encoders supply explicit position information that directly determines each angular position – a great advantage over the traditional counting of increments. Therefore, position information is immediately available after power-up without referencing, improving efficiency and safety during operation.

Motion Controllers
Single and multi-axis, ACS-based motion controllers and servo drives are available for single-axis applications of the rotary stages or multi-axis, multi-degree-of-freedom sub-assemblies — also available from PI.

Application Fields
Optics and Photonics, Sample Inspection, Metrology, Semiconductor Testing & Inspection, Industrial Automation, Measuring Technology, Precision Micro-Assembly, Biotechnology

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