Neutral Density Filter Series

neutral density filters

The Schneider Optics series of neutral density (ND) filters are designed to evenly reduce the transmittance of light over the entire VIS spectrum. By decreasing the brightness of an image without changing the depth of field (DoF), these filters are ideal suited for welding, measuring instrument, R&D and laser measurement applications.

The ND filters attenuate light by absorbing a part of the energy of the VIS wavelength, without influence on the color balance. They control the intensity of light going through an optical system to avoid overexposure blooming on imaging sensors and prevent damages on light sensitive measuring sensors. ND filters are available mounted with common thread sizes M 25.5 to M 67 and unmounted in sizes 27 mm to 74 mm diameter. Intermediate size down to 10 mm possible on request.

For additional features and specifications on the neutral density filters, download the datasheet.

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