News | October 12, 2004

NetTest Introduces The Osics ECL 400 Tunable Laser Source

The latest in development in its "full-band" tunable laser platform

Utica, NY -- NetTest, a leading worldwide provider of testing, monitoring and management solutions for advanced and converged networks, today announced the introduction of its newest tunable laser source, the ECL-400. From 1260nm to 1650nm, the ECL-400 provides full telecom band coverage for the O, E, S, C, L and U bands in a single compact unit. With peak power up to +10dBm, and 0 dBm guaranteed power over the entire tuning range, the ECL-400 is the ideal tool for testing CWDM passive and active components.

Utilizing high performance External Cavity Lasers based on NetTest's Tunics technology, the ECL-400 offers excellent optical power and wavelength stability. The ECL-400 fits inside the classical 8 slot modular Osics platform, a compact 3U format ideal for Research & Development and production testing.

The full-band laser is made of four ECL modules and one optical switch featuring Automatic Power Control. With this modular approach you buy only the wavelength range you need today and keep the ability to extend it later on. The remaining free slots could be utilized for any of the other Osics modules, such as DFBs, ASE source, EDFA or additional tunable lasers modules.

About NetTest:Br> NetTest is a leading industry specialist devoted to providing test and measurement instruments and network management solutions designed to empower global telecommunications leaders in optimizing their business performance. NetTest's solutions enable customers to gain vital insights into the function and performance of their networks, allowing them to make informed decisions that drive profitability by enhancing quality and minimizing infrastructure investments. NetTest is focused on servicing two areas of the telecommunications network, namely Installation and Maintenance and Network Monitoring and Optimization.

Source: NetTest