News | May 15, 2007

Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Heat, Nor Floom Of Night: Document Data Solutions Helps Its Clients Get Their Mail Through

Document Data Solutions (DDS) provides consulting, customized data collection and quality control solutions for print and mail applications. The company develops real-world inspection and verification solutions for laser/inkjet printers, inserters, and finishing equipment including data collection and reporting solutions. It then sells these solutions to mail houses, as well as large utility, insurance, medical and payroll/benefits organizations that facilitate their own large mailings in-house.

With years of experience in the industry, Document Data Solutions has the expertise to create systems that help its clients solve an extensive range of challenges their printing and mailing. With the incorporation of DALSA's image acquisition boards, the DDS systems take video images of each document as it is being processed. This ensures DDS's clients that their mailings include the correct pieces, printed on correct forms, with no missing pages or documents, and are sent to the right addressee.

With today's regulatory environment, mailings such as insurance policies and health care provider mailings need to be carefully monitored to meet industry standards. For example, by using DALSA machine vision components, DDS allows its clients to be compliant with HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and … Act) regulations. This act mandates that the right information is going to the right patient, and that doctors are copied on the appropriate patient mail.

Document Data Solutions' systems work by scanning 2-D matrix code and performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on address labels of mail pieces for mass mailing applications. The DALSA X64-AN image acquisition board (frame grabber) is used to grab images from multiple analog cameras. Then, DALSA's Sapera Processing Bar Code and OCR software is used to read the mailing information. DDS has also produced a number of systems using a line-scan camera and DALSA's X64-CL board to scan the entire envelope.

When companies mail bills and important notices addressed to an individual, they want to monitor that mail to make sure it was assembled correctly and it went out the door. DDS creates systems that perform quality control checks – from simple line scan checks to more complex checks where the entire envelope and several data fields are scanned.

Another important application is in the insurance industry. The insurance company needs to monitor that every page in each policy is mailed out, so that a policy holder cannot claim that they did not know about certain exclusions, and just take out the exclusions page, for instance. An inserter application from DDS assembles document and stuffs them into an envelope, and the video monitoring and analysis enabled by DALSA ensures that every page is included.

Document Data Solutions' CEO, Robert Ellis, says that DALSA is a company that is easy to do business with. "DALSA allows us to do rapid development, and the documentation is excellent, one of the best we've seen." DDS has been using DALSA machine vision components for nearly two years. Ellis and his team researched different vendors, and made a decision that DALSA was the company that could best support them.

"With other manufacturers, it was difficult to integrate and provide custom solutions to our customers," stated Ellis. "Ninety percent of our customers want change to software and functionality. DALSA's toolset allows us to make those changes."