Multi-Zone Filters

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Multi-Zone Filters
(developed under a subcontract from ABB Canada for the Space Technology Development Program of the Canadian Space Agency)

Iridian Spectral Technologies' multi-zone filters offer spatially varying spectral performance on a single substrate in the UV to LWIR wavelength range. Filter types include bandpass, notch, long-pass, and short-pass with coatings offered for AR, high-reflectivity, and black-absorbing.

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Multi-zone filters (MZF) are ideal for use in multi-spectral imaging applications involving remote sensing for the environmental analysis, space, defense, and security markets, in 3D cinema projection, and in order sorting for spectrometers and CCDs.

Iridian Spectral Technologies' MZF assembly approach deposits coatings on separate substrates that are then attached together using robust assembly methods, with zone-to-zone transitions of less than 100µm. When an application calls for a small transition zone or a pattern not achievable by assembly, an in-house photolithography lab housed in a Class 1000 clean room capable of patterning up to 150mm diameter wafers can be used. Multi-step patterning can be performed creating multi-zone filters with as many as five different zones and zone-to-zone transitions of as little as 20µm.

For additional information on Iridian Spectral Technologies multi-zone filter offerings, download the datasheet.

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