Motorized Flat Top Stage: H101

Source: Prior Scientific Inc.

Prior Scientific introduces the H101, the latest and most innovative motorized stage for upright microscopes. Benefits of the ProScan H101F include a completely flat top plate design, providing unlimited obstruction free space for objective and nose piece rotation.

The H101F features smaller gauge stage cables which simplify cable routing. Older sample holders are also compatible with the new H101F by adding a simple adapter plate. The H101F ProScan® stage incorporates the patented – Intelligent Scanning Technology (IST). In conjunction with extensive testing, Intelligent Scanning Technology (IST) allows each stage to be pre-programmed with a unique set of operating characteristics particular to that stage to ensure optimum performance.

Additional Product Features Include:

  • Suitable for most major brand microscopes.
  • 1um or better repeatability
  • Quiet and reliable
  • Wide range of sample holders.
  • Intelligent Scanning Technology (U.S. Patent 7,330,307)

For even more information on this product, download the available datasheet.