Application Note

Modular Spectroscopy Tools For The Simultaneous Measurement Of Fluorescein Absorbance And Fluorescence

Source: Ocean Optics, Inc.

Spectroscopy is a powerful tool providing a wealth of information with the relatively simple measurement of how light interacts with a sample. Chemical composition, analyte concentration, color and many other sample characteristics are all readily determined through spectroscopy measurements. With the availability of modular components, multiple spectroscopy measurements can be made from a sample simultaneously for more extensive characterization.

The power of this approach is the ability to measure several sample characteristics at the same time (take a snapshot of the sample) while avoiding sample changes that occur while changing setups or moving the sample to a new instrument to collect a different type of data.

When combined with fiber optic spectrometers, the CUV-ALL-UV cuvette holder enables the measurement of absorbance, fluorescence, scattering or any combination of these optical phenomena from a sample simultaneously. With four collimating lenses surrounding the sample, the CUV-ALL-UV provides all the necessary sampling geometries for absorbance/transmission, fluorescence and scattering in one convenient sampling accessory. It can also be used with other available accessories to enhance and expand your measurements. For example, two of the collimating lenses in the CUV-ALL-UV can easily be replaced with mirrored screw plugs (74-MSP) to improve the sensitivity of your fluorescence measurements. One 74-MSP is positioned across from the fiber coupled to the light source to reflect the excitation light back through the sample. The other is placed across from the fiber coupled to the spectrometer to reflect the emitted light that would otherwise be lost back into the spectrometer collection fiber.