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MKS Introduces Newport Industrial Vertical Stage With High Load Capacity

Source: Newport Corporation
MKS Introduces Newport Industrial Vertical Stage With High Load Capacity

Andover, MA – February 6, 2018MKS Instruments, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKSI) announces the release of the Newport IDL280-Z20 vertical stage for industrial applications that require high load capacities. Based on a proven and modular wedge design, the IDL280-Z20 provides a minimum incremental motion (MIM) of 0.1 µm over 20 mm of travel with smooth motion for fine positioning. A precision ball screw drive with 2mm pitch is able to move loads up to 500N with a speed of 5 mm/s.

Thanks to its high stiffness, 10µrad/N-m, the Newport vertical industrial stage is a perfect addition to advanced XY systems with high dynamic performance. “The IDL280-Z20 is matched to the Newport IDL280 stages and can be bolted securely onto the IDL280-LM’s carriage in only a few minutes”, says Beda Espinoza, Sr. Manager Product Marketing, Newport Motion Products “With the Newport IDL series of stages, building high performance XZ or XYZ assemblies for industrial motion applications is fast, simple and effective.”

Like all IDL stages, the IDL280-Z20 is fully compatible to the Newport XPS controller but can also be combined with other third party industrial motion controllers. Upon request, Newport is able to provide custom-designed IDL280-Z vertical stages in other travels or sizes to meet the specifications and requirements of individual applications.

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SOURCE: MKS Instruments, Inc.