News | February 20, 2018

MKS Introduces New Flagship Newport Digital Motion Controller

Source: Newport Corporation
MKS Introduces New Flagship Newport Digital Motion Controller

Andover, MA – MKS Instruments, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKSI) announces the release of the Newport XPS-D Universal Motion Controller and Driver, the new flagship of the  Newport high-performance 8 axis motion controllers. Equipped with the new universal digital driver card, XPS-DRV11, the XPS-D is capable of controlling a wide variety of motor types including stepper, DC, DC brushless and direct drive motors. The XPS-D controller is compatible with all Newport electromechanical stages and provides backward-compatibility to the Newport XPS-Q driver cards and API’s.

The XPS-D controller offers a wide variety of motion modes from basic to complex PVT trajectories and features brake management for DC and brushless motors. Its new digital design allows for higher precision, Minimum Incremental Motion down to 1 nm and a faster servo rate up to 20 kHz. The controller’s power has been increased to 750 W with a 50% larger power supply allowing it to drive more powerful motors and support higher speeds. It also features 40 digital inputs and 40 digital outputs to read external switches, control relays or other digital devices as well as 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs to precisely monitor or control any motion axis. A multi-axis, fast Position Compare Output is now available for accurate synchronization with lasers and other devices.

OEM customers can benefit from a large variety of available options including support for EtherCAT and absolute encoders, brake management for DC brushless motors, and 12 or 16 axis versions.

“The XPS-D sets a new standard for the Newport high-performance motion controllers”, says Erlendur Kristjansson, Sr. Manager Product Marketing Newport Motion Products. “It is 20% smaller and 50% lighter than its predecessor, the XPS-Q. Yet, it offers a better performance and a wide range of new and powerful features.”

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SOURCE: MKS Instruments, Inc.