MiniLiteTM Lasers

Source: BaySpec Inc.

MiniLiteTM Lasers

The MiniLiteTM series features 5 models of narrowband lasers designed for different wavelength regions to enhance analytical Raman spectroscopy and test & measurement capabilities. Features include a solid state light source for reliable operation in harsh environments, a compact size for OEM integration, and an operating temperature range covering -5 to +55°C.

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These fiber-coupled laser devices benefit from low-cost field proven telecommunication components, and are offered in a bench-top mount or card-mount with heat-sink options. MiniLiteTM lasers are ideal for a variety of applications including Raman spectroscopy, confocal microscopy, medical diagnostics, fiber optic sensing, and VIS-NIR spectroscopy.

For more features, applications, and specifications regarding the MiniLite series, download the datasheet.

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