Live From Photonics West 2012: New Miniature Spectrometer Boasts Removable Slit

Source: Avantes BV

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Damon Lenski, North America sales manager for Avantes, introduces us to the company's AvaSpec-RS Series. These small spectrometers features a removable slit (hence the "RS"), which enables users to switch from a larger slit for high-throughput applications (such as fluorescence) to a smaller slit for high-resolution applications (like laser profiling).

Video Transcript

Damon Lenski: Hello I am Damon Lenski. I am the Sales Manager for Avantes North America. Avantes is a leading manufacturer of fiber optics, spectrometers and fiber optic light sources and accessories.

I am going to talk to you a little about our new RS feature AvaSpec spectrometer today.

This is our AvaSpec RS Series Spectrometer. RS stands for removable slit. Large spectrometers have historically always been able to enable the customer to change out the slit so researchers could use a larger slit for high through put applications such as fluorescence and if they were doing laser profiling where they need a higher resolution they could put in a smaller slit.

Up until now that hasn’t been available on small spectrometers. Now it is available with the new RS feature on AvaSpec spectrometers. The AvaSpec comes with a slit installed and independently customers can buy our slit kit; so called.

The slit kit comes with three individual slit sizes which enable you to use a smaller slit again for the high resolution and a larger for the high through put applications.

This can all be done without wavelength calibration at your location making it very easy to change a slit and continue on with your measurements.