Miniature Linear Air Bearing Stage: PIglide MB

Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

Miniature Linear Air Bearing Stage: PIglide MB

The PIglide MB is an air bearing stage that is linear servo motor driven, and features fully preloaded air bearings and an integral optical linear encoder. The stage has a non-contact design for frictionless, high-quality performance within a miniature package.

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With an overall height of only 38 mm, the PIglide MB is one of the smallest air bearing stages on the market and is perfect for applications requiring small spaces. These powerful linear motors are capable of reaching velocities up to 0.5 m/sec, and acceleration up to .75 g. With no electrical cables to manage, this bearing stage is suited for many high precision applications such as metrology, photonics alignment, optics positioning, and scanning.

For more features, specifications, and available accessories and options, download the datasheet.

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