Microscopy Illumination

Microscopy Illumination

Stereo Microscopes are used for life science, material science, and clinical routine industrial inspection tasks. The better the object is illuminated, the more details become visible in microscopy.

SCHOTT delivers a full range of fiber optic and LED lighting products with an extensive range of accessories to meet specific needs. For example, the EasyLED and VisiLED series provide a very bright and homogeneous illumination so that the test object no longer has to be manually turned for illumination from different directions.

Gooseneck fiber light guides, or flexible light guides containing Puravis® lead free fibers in combination with a cold light source from the KL series are recommended for low working distance objectives and for higher contrast purposes. SCHOTT also provides components with Brightfield transmitted light from the bottom, darkfield illumination techniques from the side, and linear polarized light by a polarizing and analyzing filter.

For more information on SCHOTT’s microscopy illumination capabilities, visit the SCHOTT webpage.

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