MicroOLED Microdisplay Series

MicroOLED Microdisplay Series

Sensors Unlimited's MicroOLED microdisplays are designed for near-to-eye applications that require compact packaging, high image quality, high definition, high brightness, wide field of view, and optimized power consumption. The MDP01, MDP02, and MDP03 microdisplays are designed on MicroOLED proprietary low voltage technology.

Key features include:

  • MDP01 – 0.38” size with 873 x 500 resolution (1.7 M dots)
  • MDP02 – 0.61” size with 1300 x 1044 resolution (5.4 M dots); also comes in monochrome
  • MDP03 – 0.39” size with 1044 x 788 resolution (3.3 M dots)
  • Unique Pixel design with 4 sub-pixels (no black matrix) for the brightest images
  • High brightness up to 400 cd/m2
  • Consistent contrast/color over a wide viewing angle even with wide FOV optics
  • Very High Uniformity (>96%)
  • Response times well below 1 millisecond for fast moving objects
  • Unique auto-adjusting display for constant luminance

A MicroOLED MDP0xDK4 stand-alone driving kit is offered to provide the fastest and most efficient way to integrate MDP01, MDP02, and MDP03 microdisplays specifically in monocular and binocular applications. Features for this kit include a digital video interface, standalone capability, RGB video support, and a high-level PC-based graphical user interface.

Download the respective datasheets for more features and specifications on the different models of microdisplays and standalone driving kits.

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