Datasheet | May 27, 2010

Fact Sheet: Microchip Laser

Source: RPMC Lasers
Concepts Research Corporation (CRC) offers a line of mil-spec microchip laser devices. These passively Q-switched microchip lasers emit sub-nanosecond, high-peak-power pulses from industry standard opto-electronic packages. All devices offer single longitudinal mode, a polarization ratio of 100:1, tunable pulse frequency, good beam quality and low beam divergence (<6 mrad).="" standard="" devices="" offer="" a="" peak="" power="" up="" to="" 10kw="" at="" 1064nm.="" in="" addition="" to="" the="" standard="" 1064nm="" versions,="" we="" offer="" a="" line="" of="" devices="" at="" 532nm.="" other="" wavelengths="" are="" currently="" under="" development="" at="" crc="" and="" may="" be="" available="" upon="" request.="" applications="" for="" the="" microchip="" laser="" include="" "seed"="" pulses="" for="" amplifier="" laser="" systems,="" marking,="" scribing,="" fluorescence="" measurement,="" ranging,="" biomedical="" and="" photonic="">