Micro Lenses

Source: Precision Optics Corporation

Micro Lenses

Applications that involve minimally invasive/micro surgery require precise visualization in very small spaces. Precision Optics, through the use of their proprietary microprecision™ technology, has the ability to develop micro optic lenses, precision lenses, and micro objective lenses as small as 0.37mm in diameter.

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When a product or system requires an optical surface with a less than 2mm diameter, there’s usually a downside in lens quality. Price and supply can also be affected negatively. Precision Optics has the ability to design and manufacture micro lenses with the quality of precision ground and polished lenses approaching the cost of gradient index (GRIN) lenses.

These micro lenses can be integrated into any micro optical system that require precise visualization. Most notably, Precision Optics has produced lenses as small as 0.37mm for endoscope objectives with a field of view as large as 120o. For more information on micro objectives/lenses and microprecision™ technology, download the datasheet.