News | May 20, 2003

Melles Griot introduces APT™ Advanced Positioning Technology

Melles Griot introduces APT™ Advanced Positioning Technology

Ely, UK - Melles Griot introduces APT (advanced positioning technology), a new flexible, open-ended positioning system that meets performance, ease-of-use, upgradeability, and budget criteria for a wide range of applications.

The APT six-axis stage uses a novel, patent-pending mechanism for multiaxis positioning. Guided alignment linkage pin (GALPin™) technology combines the resolution and friction- and stiction-free performance of flexures with the increased travel and compact construction characteristics of bearing rails.

The 17 APT 600 stage uses modular, interchangeable manual differential or stepper-motor actuators on all axes. Any or all axes may be equipped with internal piezoelectric actuators to provide linear resolutions of 1 nm and angular resolution of 0.1 arc seconds. The APT stage has half the typical footprint of flexure devices and offers three times the linear travel (12-mm) of typical flexure-only systems.

A family of control electronics incorporates the most recent developments in digital signal processing (DSP) and analog hardware. The new benchtop devices have increased electronic bandwidth, synchronous movement, and internal analysis capabilities. Plug-and-play software and USB connections allow fast, out-of-the-box setup and configuration. Furthermore, enhanced software functionality allows simulation of hardware configurations and also cross-platform portability of the virtual control panels. Three controllers are available; a piezoelectric actuator controller (17 BPC 002), stepper-motor controller (17 BSC 002), and NanoTrak™ autoalignment controller (17 BNT 001).

Melles Griot is a leading global supplier of photonics products including optical components and systems, lasers, motion-control systems, laser measurement instrumentation, opto-mechanical hardware, and isolated optical tables and workstations. The company has manufacturing and distribution activities in 41 countries serving industries as diverse as semiconductor, biomedical, and telecommunications. Melles Griot is a Barloworld Scientific company. Visit the company's website at