Live From Photonics West 2012: New 1.3-Megapixel High-Resolution InGaAs SWIR Camera

Doug Malchow of Sensors Unlimited - Goodrich ISR Systems demonstrates several new products, including the 1.3-megapixel GA1280J high-resolution InGaAs SWIR camera, a high-sensitivity, 1280 x 1024 pixel, 15-µm pitch, military-hardened SWIR camera (0.7 to 1.7 µm). It weighs less than 125 g and has a total volume of less than 4.3 cubic inches.

Video Transcript

Doug Malchow: Hi. I am Doug Malchow, and I am with Goodrich. Welcome to our booth. We are also known as Sensors Unlimited. We have been in the InGaAs shortwave infrared business for the last 20 years, and we have a number of new products that we would like to demonstrate for you.

Here we are showing our very fast InGaAs linescan camera running at 92,000 lines per second. The way that we are demonstrating it is that we have a bicycle wheel that is currently running at 16 kilometers per hour.

On the bicycle wheel, I have two strips where the basic strip has a series of graphics. The two strips have a series of graphics that I have imprinted on the white background. The second strip I have spray painted with red or blue.

On the wheel, you can see very quickly that it is rotating by, and the camera is being triggered twice per rotation. Once on the Air Force resolution chart which is in the clear. The second trigger - you can see the text where the name of the camera is, the fact that it is running at 92,000. That is under this blue tape which you cannot see through.

Here we are showing our commercial 640 x 512 camera being used for a typical solar application where we are seeing through six inches of solid silicon. On this side of the block, I have a resolution target, and as I put my hand in front of it on the monitor we see the shadow of my fingers.

On the other side, looking at the monitor you can now see my fingers on the camera side. I am demonstrating seeing through this block of silicon which has been an important application for reducing the cost of solar cells.

Here you are getting a standard color shot of the aisle coming up to our booth. We are going to swing and then show you the SWIR version of that.

Now we are showing the new megapixel SWIR image from our 1280J camera. You are looking at the monitor presentation of a gentleman walking up.

This camera has just been introduced. It has been shipping for several months both for surveillance and semiconductor microscope inspection.

Now we are seeing the camera on its perch that provided that imagery.

Thank you for visiting the Goodrich booth. We have a number of new products that we have talked about and demonstrations of them.

If you have questions that we can help you with, please visit our Website at or give us a call at 609-520-0610.

Again, thank you for your attention and have a good day.

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