Medical Illumination

Medical Illumination

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging delivers fiber optic and LED technologies to help redefine the boundaries of medical innovation, and provide deeper insights in helping medical experts see more of what is relevant to their diagnoses and therapies.

Light has many applications for the medical industry including:

Signaling power – Light is used in many signaling applications from guiding patients through the halls and inside the rooms, to serving as a warning or safety signal for medical staff when used in devices. Light may also be used to transmit important bio signals.

Reliable diagnostics solutions – Light with special color rendering techniques and various wavelengths can be used to detect and diagnose different types of tissue structures. SCHOTT light solutions, such as miniaturized light guides and LEDs, allow medical professionals to ‘see around the corner’ and take a closer look into deep cavities.

Effective therapy solutions – Light solutions can be used in a wide range of therapies, such as photo therapies for treating jaundice in newborn babies, and in photodynamic/light therapies used for treating depression and sleeping disorders.

In order to learn more about these different types of products and SCHOTT’s medical lighting and imaging capabilities, download the brochure or visit the webpage.

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