News | January 31, 2023

Maximize Fluorescence With The Avant Filter Set Family

IDEX - Avant

While every fluorescent filter set has a Gap separating excitation and emission passbands, many sets for short Stokes Shift probes have large Gaps that result in the emission filter shifting to longer wavelengths and missing the peak of the emission output.

The emission filter captures less fluorescence and the filter set performance is therefore reduced. Until now, limitations in the coating process and excessive bleedthrough into the emission channel have resulted in large Gaps and lower-performing filter sets that that hinder many fluorescence systems today.

The new Semrock Avant technology from IDEX Health & Science narrows this Gap, provides steeper edges, and brings the emission and excitation passbands closer together. The Avant filter set family thereby delivers significant increases in fluorescence signal.

The secret? Precisely controlled steep spectral edges and very deep OD in the excitation and emission filter blocking bands. The spectral features are confirmed by Semrock’s high-resolution KolaDeep™ Spectral Measurement System, and the new Precise Edge Placement capability assures that every filter set delivers consistent performance.