Matrix-SD MTF Starter Kit: MS1002/00

Source: Image Science Ltd

Matrix-SD MTF Starter Kit: MS1002/00

Image Science’s Matrix-SD MTF starter kit comprises an image analyzer and an object generator and is used for MTF testing in the spectral range of 350 to 1000 nm. It’s specifically been designed for individuals who already have an optical table/bench with standard positioning equipment.

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With appropriate positioning equipment, this kit can make on and off-axis MTF measurements in tangential and sagittal azimuths. The kit’s object generator presents a target illuminated by a tungsten-halogen lamp to the lens system being tested. It can be positioned for testing one infinite conjugate or two finite conjugates. In either testing scenario, the test lens forms an image that can be located and captured by the image analyzer, then transferred by the relay lens to a CCD detector. From there, the images can be subjected to real-time data analysis to produced intensity cross-section or line-spread function (LSF) of the image in order to determine MTF.

For more information on the MTF testing starter kit, download the datasheet. You can also contact Image Science directly for more information.

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