Machine Vision Strobe: MVS-5000™

Source: Excelitas Technologies

Machine Vision Strobe: MVS-5000™

The MVS-5000™ Machine Vision strobe from Excelitas Technologies produces short duration, high intensity light pulses for machine vision applications.

The Xenon flashlamp in the MVS-5000 produces intense pulses of radiant energy covering the full spectrum from the ultraviolet (UV) to the visible (VIS) to near infrared (NIR).The spectral output of the Xenon lamp when coupled with CCD, CMOS, and CID silicon cameras freezes motion, eliminates blur, and enhances image quality with high intensity and short duration pulses.

The MVS-5000 machine vision strobe is a DC powered unit. The linear Xenon flashlamp is packaged in a metal enclosure with a fan for cooling. The strobe incorporates a reflector for maximum intensity and a diffuser window for even illumination of the target area. Input power and signal level cable connections are made through a 9 pin connector mounted on the back of the unit. The strobe is ideal for applications involving quality assurance, component orientation, contamination protection, and color differentiation. For more information, download the datasheet.