Phantom Machine Vision Cameras Series

s200 210

The power of Phantom high-speed cameras can be captured using the machine vision streaming applications in this series. Once image data has flown to a frame grabber and PC or long record DVR via CXP protocol, the data is immediately accessible and only limited by the amount of storage in the PC or DVR.

The Phantom S710 provides up to 7 Gpx/sec (87.5 Gbps) of data throughput for Machine Vision applications.  It leverages the performance and extremely high frame rates of the VEO 710 to Machine Vision applications via CXP6 protocol.

The Phantom S640 provides up to 6 Gpx/sec (75 Gbps) of data throughput for Machine Vision applications.  It leverages the popular and proven VEO640 sensor to deliver high quality 4 Mpx images.

The Phantom S200 delivers very high image quality at 2Gpx/sec throughput in a compact, cost-conscious camera. It uses 4 CoaXpress (CXP) channels and offers GPIO for common signals to ensure precision machine vision imaging.

The Phantom S210 delivers high quality images at 2Gpx/sec throughput via 4 CoaXpress (CXP) channels. This special machine visioning camera is compact, cost-conscious and offers GPIO for common signals.

The Phantom S990 provides unmatched machine vision capabilities.  It offers the high-quality Phantom Flex 4K image throughput to 16 CoaXpress (CXP) channels to deliver up to 9 Gpx/sec of data throughput.

For more features and specifications on any products in the series, download the available datasheets.

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