Luminescence Lifetime Imaging Camera: pco.flim

Source: PCO-TECH Inc.

Luminescence Lifetime Imaging Camera: pco.flim

The pco.flim camera system is the first luminescence lifetime imaging camera designed to use a two tap CMOS image sensor. It is purposed for a wide variety of life science applications including biomarkers, sensing, and fluorescence lifetime imaging.

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The pco.flim camera internally creates a wide range of frequencies, and will also accept a limited range of external modulation signals. Features include multiple trigger input and output signals for simple system integration, and includes special software for direct measurements and lifetime analysis.

Additional Key Features:

  • 100ps - 100µs lifetimes measurable
  • 1008 x 1008 pixel resolution
  • Modulation signal shape sinusoidal / rectangular
  • 5kHz - 40MHz modulation frequencies
  • 500kHz – 40MHz external modulation signals

For more technical information, download the product datasheet. For detailed information on using the pco.flim camera for fluorescence lifetime imaging, download the whitepaper.

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