News | May 6, 2011

Lumencor Expands Offerings To Biotech OEMs And End Users: A Complete Optical Train For Quantitative Fluorescence Analysis


CORE illumination and imaging system: high performance excitation in a complete optical unit

Lumencor, Inc., a biotechnology company developing lighting solutions for the life sciences, has launched its most comprehensive bioanalysis lighting product to date, the CORE illumination and imaging system. This product offers equipment manufacturers a streamlined optical block based on Lumencor's existing powerful, solid-state excitation subsystems. The CORE includes an excitation subsystem as well as all the illumination and imaging optics needed in a fluorescence scanner. It enables the most efficient light delivery within a customizable unit that functions as the heart of a state-of-the-art fluorescence reader. Steven Jaffe, Ph.D, Lumencor CEO, explains, "The CORE is part of a natural progression in Lumencor's product development. The product was conceived while working in collaboration with several of our existing OEM customers who were looking to Lumencor to fulfill a specific need, confident that our optical design expertise and proprietary solid state light engine technology would make Lumencor the ideal provider of this type of comprehensive solution."

The CORE illuminates fluorescent samples and images the resulting emissions. This functionality is accomplished on a compact, 3-D support through the integration of:

  • multiple solid-state excitation sources
  • spectral bandpass filters
  • microscope objective z-control
  • field diaphragm
  • collimating lens
  • poly-band dichroic
  • multi-band emission filter
  • objective and tube lens
  • camera mount
  • control electronics

These features streamline engineering and reduce development time and cost for new instruments. Lumencor's OEM partners build the CORE into their quantitative bioanalysis tools and instruments, taking advantage of all the benefits of Lumencor light engine technology. Features like fast (microseconds) switching, precise camera and excitation light synchronization, dosimetry and highly reproducible instrument calibration are only possible with Lumencor's proprietary lighting technology.

About Lumencor, Inc.
Lumencor is a Beaverton, Oregon-based device manufacturer building novel light engines for the life sciences industry. Lumencor light engines provide high quality solutions for lighting subsystems employed by life science instrument manufacturers, bioanalytical researchers and scientists with high power, spectrally pure and stable light sources. The units are designed to simply replace today's light subsystems as well as for tomorrow's small, portable analyzers. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Lumencor, Inc.