News | February 27, 2013

Low Stray Light Ellipsoidal Mirror Helps Push The Boundaries Of Solar Research


Optical Surfaces Ltd. has supplied a 350mm diameter on-axis ellipsoidal mirror to the Kiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik (KIS) in Freiberg, Germany.

The Kiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik (KIS) is Germany's leading institute for solar research with ground based telescopes. It runs two telescopes on the island of Tenerife: the Vacuum Tower Telescope (VTT) which has an aperture of 0.7 m and the GREGOR telescope that has an aperture of 1.5 m.

Dr. Dirk Soltau, an Experimental Solar Physics Scientist with KIS commented "The VTT telescope is equipped with optics supplied by Optical Surfaces in the 1980's. When it came to the replacement of the GREGOR tertiary mirror in 2012 - Optical Surfaces Ltd. was again the successful bidder. The new GREGOR M3 is an elliptical mirror with two foci that was specified with particular emphasis on low stray light levels.  Drawing upon their depth of expertise and experience in producing demanding telescope optics - the on-axis ellipsoidal mirror supplied by Optical Surfaces surpassed our specifications and was successfully implemented on the GREGOR telescope in February 2013.”

Dr Aris Kouris of Optical Surfaces Ltd commented "To achieve the demanding low stray light levels we chose to produce the GREGOR tertiary mirror in ClearCeram-z (HS). Using proprietary polishing techniques our skilled craftsmen were able to  achieve a surface accuracy of nearly Lambda/17 P-V at 633nm, a surface quality of better than 20/10 and an ultra-smooth finish measured at less than 0.60nm RMS. In addition, the “structure function” was measured at the request of KIS. The structure function is a logarithmic plot of the wavefront error as a function of the spatial frequency components. In effect it describes the presence of individual spatial frequencies and their contribution to mirror’s performance. The resulting function measured, although it followed the predicted theoretical trend, was significantly better than expected".

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