Datasheet | November 19, 2009

Datasheet: Low Noise CCD Camera: iKon-M 934

Source: Andor Technology PLC

The iKon-M DU-934N is designed to offer the ultimate in back-illuminated, low noise performance, ideal for demanding imaging applications. This high resolution 1024 x 1024 CCD camera boasts 95% QEmax, high dynamic range, 13µm pixels and exceptionally low readout noise. The iKon-M benefits from negligible darkcurrent with industry-leading thermoelectric cooling down to -100°C, enabling use of significantly longer exposure times than offered by any other camera on the market using this same sensor. The iKon-M platform offers Multi-Megahertz readout for more rapid acquisition or fast focusing, along with direct USB 2.0 connectivity to PC.

Low Noise CCD Camera: Features & benefits

Min operating temp of -100°C with TE cooling
Unparalleled TE cooling performance for negligible dark current, without the aggravation or safety concerns associated with LN2.

QEmax. 95% from back-illuminated sensor
Highest photon collection efficiency.

Ultra low noise readout
Intelligent low-noise electronics offer the most ‘silent' system noise performance available.

Multi-Megahertz pixel readout
High frame rates achievable.