Low Light Scientific CCD Camera: SPOT RT3

Source: SPOT Imaging Solutions, a division of Diagnostic Instruments

Low Light Scientific CCD Camera: SPOT RT3

These low light scientific CCD Cameras are available in monochrome, color, and slider models (which provides monochrome and color imaging), and are ideal for brightfield and fluorescence imaging, FISH, GFP imaging, polarized light, immunofluorescence, and 3D deconvolution in laboratory settings.

SPOT RT3TM CCD cameras feature low 16 e- read noise, a high speed live preview mode, 14-bit readout, -43oC differential Peltier cooling, 0.003 e/p/s dark current, and FireWire 1394e connectivity. Electronic circuitry refinements and deep cooling are combined in order to provide clean and uniform backgrounds, which is key when working in low light levels.

For more information on the monochrome, color, and slider scientific CCD cameras, download the available datasheets. You can also contact SPOT Imaging directly for more information.