Long Range Thermal Zoom Camera Family: Vinden LR Series

Source: Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc.

Long Range Thermal Zoom Camera Family: Vinden LR Series

Sierra-Olympic’s Vinden LR Series of cameras are designed to provide long range thermal imaging with powerful continuous zoom for thermal and multi-sensor defense systems in defense, security, surveillance, border, port, and base security applications. 

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The Vinden LR cameras feature a 12 µm 640 x 480 LWIR thermal core with high sensitivity up to 60 Hz. This OEM-friendly module delivers on-board image processing, on-board recording and storage, auto-focus, electronic image stabilization, H.264 IP encoding, and more.

Key Vinden LR features include:

  • Three lens options between 17.5 - 1.5° HFOV
  • One-touch autofocus
  • Analog NTSC/PAL, CameraLink® and H.264 IP video outputs
  • Ethernet control connectivity
  • 32 GB on-board video storage
  • Hard-carbon, IP-67 front element
  • Non-ITAR controlled

For additional features, specifications, and image examples of the Vinden LR series, download the available datasheet.

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