Live From DSS 2011: Multiple Payload Camera Gimbal Demo

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Nick Anderson, mechanical/aeronautical engineer for Goodrich Cloud Cap Technology, demonstrates the TASE300z two-axis stabilized gimbal for Photonics Online at SPIE DSS 2011. The gimbal includes both an EO and an IR sensor — the Sony FCB-EX980 and the FLIR TAU 640 with a two-step zoomable lens that goes from 15 degrees down to 6 degrees. There is also a laser rangefinder and an option for either a laser pointer or an illuminator that are night vision goggle (NVG) compatible.

The gimbal is fully stabilized in pan along with tilt — meant to be operated from a moving platform. Designed primarily for UAVs, it is 7 inches in diameter, weighs about 6 pounds, and draws about 30 W of power. It can be mounted on a number of different platforms from Aerosonde-type UAVs up to the manned platforms such as the Sesna 172 and 182 and helicopters.