Live From DSS 2011: 1000-FPS Infrared Camera Demo

Source: TELOPS
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TELOPS Business Development Manager Vincent Farley demonstrates the FAST-IR 1000 camera at the SPIE DSS show. The FAST-IR 1000, from TELOPS’ Hyper-Vision product line, is a mid-wave infrared camera capable of 1,000 frames per second for a frame of 320 x 256.

What’s unique about Hyper-Vision cameras, apart from their fast frame rates and high definitions, Telops’ patent-pending technique for real-time temperature calibration, Farley said. The real-time temperature calibration algorithm enables the user to always have temperature unit calibrated images, no matter what the environmental conditions are going to be, so it can compensate for all temperature changes from the environment. TELOPS also has the capability of doing multi-spectral by using a filter wheel in front of the camera, so up to eight channels can be sequentially captured.